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Why Standards Stores is the Premier Provider of Standards Products

The Standards Stores is a team of experts who know what it takes to implement a Management System in your organization, and what it takes to drive continual improvement.

Unlike some websites, we didn’t just take old items we had laying around from a previous client and sell them. Our products were designed as efficient templates covering the COMPLETE requirements in a SIMPLIFIED format for easy implementation that is guaranteed to pass the audit. Read our testimonials for proof.

The Standards Stores have developed these products using the knowledge and experience gained by implementing, documenting and auditing Management Systems for more than 20 years. Our experience also includes active membership on the US TAG to TC 176, Lead Assessor credentials, and extensive management experience. We have provided our products to countries and industries around the world since 2001.

We are your one source, your right stop for achieving management system certification. We provide all the implementation tools and training you need for acceptance to global standards.

Pick your standard. We provide affordable, effective, easy-to-use tools and training. We offer the premier solution to achieve your certification goals because we use proven techniques that are tailored to your specific industry.

Our products are designed to work together so if you need to implement more than one standard you can easily integrate them now or down the road. They can be used as building blocks to build your integrated standard management system.

We have helped thousands of companies just like yours achieve certification to one or more standards.

Management Systems and Productivity experts who contribute to theStandards Stores:

  • Joe Pfankuch is President of the Standards Stores and coordinates the activities of the team. A Certified Lead Auditor with a BSME/IE he has been in Manufacturing and distribution for 20+ years.
  • Cynthia Weber is president of Vinca, LLC, She travels internationally for projects in ISO 17025, AS9100, AS9120 and ISO 22005/FSSC/SQF.
  • Paul Fray is President of ISO Quality Consulting, with more than thirty years of experience in high tech commercial, F.D.A., Military and service organizations. He has implemented Management System Standards at many companies and is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and an ISO Certified Auditor.
  • Kris Norlander is President of K&S Quality Associates LLC, a certified Quality Auditor for ISO 17025, AS9100, and AS9120 Quality Management System certification. K&S also leads projects in environmental management with ISO 14001, R2, RIOS, and e-Stewards certifications.
  • Lorne Duquette has completed over 30 global management systems implementation assignments with CESO as part of his career in manufacturing and Quality Assurance roles across several industries. He has experience in ISO 17025, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22005, and Integration of Standards.
  • James Mourafetis worked for GM, Ford, PCA, and international consulting firms before starting James Group, LLC. He is certified for Omnex, Plexus, and others. He has implemented projects globally including a significant amount of experience in Asia. He is a TS 16949 Supplier Auditor and a Certified Core Tools Trainer, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, ASQ (CQM), and more.
  • Larry Whittington is President of Whittington & Associates, LLC, providing systems engineering, software development, quality auditing, and project leadership. Larry is an IRCA certified Principal QMS Auditor and RABQSA certified Lead QMS Auditor. Larry is also an ASQ (CQA) and ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer.
  • Myriam Ochart is President of O-CHART Management Consultants; has experience in manufacturing, transaction and service industries. Myriam is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence. She is the ASQ Regional Deputy Director, a member of the ASQ Voice of the Customer Corporate Committee, an ASQ International Team Excellence Award certified juror.
  • Jack Slovick is President of Methodize Inc., is a consulting and contracting firm for safety, efficacy and performance issues in Medical Devices like ISO 13485, CE Marking, etc.
  • Stan Magee is President of Software Engineering Process Technology Company, with 40+ years experience and is considered an expert in software life cycle methodology. He was active on many governmental, educational and professional boards, and was one of the principal US delegates in the development of ISO/IEC 12207.
  • Evan St. Germain led his company to ISO 13485 registration as Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. He specializes in Quality Compliance Software and integrating QMS documentation. Especially for regulatory affairs or quality management.

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Customer Testimonials (from REAL people!)

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Hello Joe,

I am pleased to tell you that we have been ISO 9001:2008 registered as of May 05, 2010. The Audit went very smoothly and effectively.

I would like to thank you for your continuing support in our project by answering the occasional questions and lead me in the right direction. Your material has been a big help throughout the development phase.

It is clear to me now this is a much better solution for us instead of hiring a consultant. We know our process and we just had to define it to the requirements of the standard; make it our own. A consultant method would take a longer time and less effective since the consultant will need to understand our business. Anyways, it was a very educational experience for me and the management team at RBI to develop this from scratch with the 9000 Store materials.


Tri Bui, B. Eng
Quality Manager
RBI Division of Mestek Canada Inc.


Everything has been very useful and explanatory. We are very happy we decided to go with the 9000 Store.


Ed Myers
Program Manager / Principal Analyst
Expeditionary Logistics Course

Dear ISO 9000 Team,

We have developed our quality management system and it was registered December 2009. The 9000 Store All-in-one Documentation & Training package that we bought few years ago (yes, few years ago) from your store has been among the tools that help us doing our job. Now we are focusing our attention into the improvemet of our QMS and expand its scope.

Kind regards,

Udin S. Nugraha
Indonesian Vegetables Research Institute (IVegRI)

Thank you for your continued interest in our progress on ISO 9001 certification. I am pleased to say that we have had our Stage 2 Audit in July and we had “minor’ non-conformance to correct and we expect to be Accredited ISO 9001 in September 08.

I wish to convey the message that the ISO 9001 package we purchase from The 9000 Store was invaluable to our preparation and deployment of ISO 9001 within our company. We did benefit significantly from the knowledge we derived from the documentation we purchased from you.

Please feel free to use this as a customer testimony of the good service ISO Store provides.

Please keep us informed of the various support services you offer and we will review our needs from time to time to see where we may use your services again.

Best regards,

Dr Omar Hadded
Vice President, Commercial Operations & Marketing
Tata Motors European Technical Centre UK

Good morning Joe,

I just wanted to inform you that S&S Metal & Plastics is now ISO 9001-2008 registered after only 6 months-we began in November 2008 and were registered in May 2009. Your ISO 9001 Small Business Package worked very well for us and passed the audit with no major issues. Your products truly helped expedite the process of tailoring the procedures and ISO requirements to our business.

Thanks again!

Joseph A Smith
Quality Manager
S&S Metal & Plastics

I have just passed my ISO-9001:2000 Audit with zero nonconformances for the second year in a row using your ISO products to write my entire QMS. I don’t think there are many ISO Certified companies that has passed their annual audit two years running with zero nonconformances. Your products have been a great help to me and I am sure they will help others just as much. I am currently using the AS9100 documents to implement the Aerospace standards as well.

Thank you and your team for producing documents of this quality.

Bettye Patrick
United Plating, Inc
Huntsville Al

Dear Shaun-

I have installed the AS9100 Store Package and have to tell you that it is superb and well worth the money. I also Purchased their Gap Analysis Package which I found very helpful when Installing AS9100: 2009 Revision C.

Our 6 Monthly Audit took place on 05/02/2010. I suggested to our Auditor that he conduct a Revision C Audit, even though he could only issue a Revision B Certificate. He agreed and conducted a Revision C Audit. We both learned a great deal from the experience and he was very impressed with the All in One Package and how detailed it was.

I would highly recommend that you purchase the system.

Robert Sheen
Sheen Spark Limited


Joe Pfankuch
AS9100 Store/9000 Store
16526 W. 78th St., #242
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

I found your product very useful, detailed, user friendly (and complete as I had very little knowledge of the AS9100 and ISO standards). The AS9100 All-in-One Product and the professional support helped simplify implementing an AS9100 & ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We were able to achieve Registration within our budget and also within the time frame allotted by management. (5 months).

Thanks again,

Robin C. Striby
Quality Assurance Mgr.
Beech Grove, IN

January 10th, 2008

Re: AS9100store.com

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take a moment to thank your company for the success we are having with our AS-9100 project, due to the All-in-One documentation we purchased from you. It has streamlined our project and made sure no details were left out.

I would also like to mention that Joe Pfankuch is a great source of knowledge, and has helped to point us in the right direction a number of times.

Any organization dealing with ISO projects would benefit from your products.


Vanessa Dreyer
Corporate Administration Manager
Ryerson Canada, Inc.


Hello Joe-

After thoroughly seeking to find the best package to prepare us for AS9100, I continued to come back to your company. I used your All-in-One As9100 as the standard for comparison, but all others fell short. We look forward to using your company for other needs we may have.

Thanks again,

Shane Pearson
D&N Machine Co.
Greenwood, AR 72936


Hello Joe

You can tell clients that I have just passed my ISO-9001:2000 Audit with zero nonconformances for the second year in a row using your ISO products to write my entire QMS. I don’t think there are many ISO Certified companies that have passed their annual audit two years running with zero nonconformances. Your products have been a great help to me and I am currently using the AS9100 documents to implement the Aerospace standards.

Thank you and your team for producing documents of this quality

Bettye Patrick
United Plating, Inc
Huntsville Al

Dear 13485 Store

We were certified to ISO 13485 on Nov. 5, 2009, just 5 months from buying your ISO 13485 All in One package. Everything worked great – including the customized employee training. Thanks for all of your help and I will be looking for further product from your store.

Dan Amundson
Sr. Quality Engineer
Remmele Engineering, Inc.
Medical Device Division

Dear Joe,

Without the 13485 Store I was stuck. The package I purchased was good value and headed me in the right direction. Each time I have contacted you for clarification the response has been prompt and very helpful – I have had the sense that there are people behind the shop who know their stuff and are generous with passing on advice.


Dr. Anthony Page
Anzacare Ltd, New Zealand

Wow Joe, thank you so much. Your customer service is great!

Thanks Joe….awesome.

Rob Hegemann

I have used the Internal Auditor Training Packages for both 9001 and 13485 in two different companies. The packages were very useful tools for training our auditors. The package design provides a good, yet comprehensive, scaled down version of a quality system that provided my trainees with a manageable training tool. They learned a lot and had fun doing it!

Thanks Joe — that is fabulous. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your responsiveness. I wish all my vendors were as responsive!

T. Toth
Cylex Inc.
Columbia, MD

We passed the ISO audit on our first try and have been recommended for certification. I could not have done it without your excellent product. I stand by what I said and will be happy to give a testimonial on the site.

Much Thanks!

Steven Burman
Credit Advocates
New York, NY

I found your product very useful, detailed, user friendly (and complete as I had very little knowledge of the AS9100 and ISO standards). The AS9100 All-in-One Product and the professional support helped simplify implementing an AS9100 & ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We were able to achieve Registration within our budget and also within the time frame allotted by management. (5 months).

Thanks again,

Robin C. Striby
Quality Assurance Mgr.
Beech Grove, IN

Joe Pfankuch has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and has helped me enormously especially in the early days when I must have mailed him several queries per day. I have had many many questions for him because of my lack of experience in ISO9001 and he has without exception replied to every single one of my queries very promptly and in a very courteous and helpful manner. You actually do get the support you are promised when you buy this package.

D. Ellerton

We have successfully completed ISO9001:2000 registration effort. Your documentation package was a great starting point. Thanks,

Automation IG

I can say that your products assist to make the process a positive experience, it saves a lot of time as everything is already laid out and easy to follow.

You can feel free to pass on what I’ve said in this email.

Descrete Australia

Phoenix Aviation Ltd. successfully passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification audit carried out by BUREAU VERITAS Certification and was officially approved on 16th October 2008 as an ISO 9001:2000 company. Our scope of certification is “Provision of domestic, regional and international charter flights, aircraft maintenance and worldwide medical air ambulance charter” with both UKAS and ANAB accreditations.

I would like thank you and your team for all the help offered initially when we started off the ISO process.

Stirling Dyer
Corporate Quality Manager
Phoenix Aviation Ltd
Nairobi, KENYA

We designed our system around our requirements & modified the documentation to suit us, obviously keeping the core content.

Your documents gave us a great starting point! You know what is required, and merely have to modify the information to suit your business. They are like examples of the necessary documents content. Some documents can be used almost completely “as is”, others require modifications. The website & newsletters are invaluable, providing information on how to run your project, steps/guidelines and examples. We have saved all mine for looking back at when needing that little bit of help. Also it is important to state that you can send an email directly to you Joe if individual assistance is required, which is great!

Samantha Cullinan
Engineering Services Manager
TraxOn Industries PTY LTD, AU

We are moving right along with our implementation of the ISO system. We found the documents very useful considering we were starting from nothing. We have the tools and knowledge now to go back and develop these procedures and forms to better suit our business.

Hydraulic Power Technology

Thanks again!I am very pleased with your materials and happy to be a referral for you.

Resource Label
Memphis, TN

I am very happy with your product!

Gymnastics New South Wales

I just want to tell you that I am delighted with the product and documentation from The 9000 Store and I am absolutely overwhelmed by your fast response time.

Thank you very much,

I will definitely be recommending your company

LMR Recruitment

We are working on our ISO 9000 package. Your program is working great!

Ballast Technologies
Tucson, AZ

Everything is working well. This is a great package. I am pleased.

SSGB Barr Associates

Thanks to you I got accredited with BSI-do you know them? Largest United Kingdom Accredited company in the country. I am happy !!!. Thanks for everything.


I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is dealing with you and your company. Thank You, I do appreciate all you have done in helping Quick Turn Circuits

Bill Jakeman
Quick Turn Circuits
Salt Lake City, UT

Our ownership and management have decided to move towards ISO certification. I have been appointed the management rep and Steering Team leader. I have instructed the group that we will be using your products to not reinvent the wheel and the fact that they are extremely well written and put together.

Tony Z
Quality Manager
Lofton Label, Inc
St. Paul, MN

I have been involved with ISO for many years and with several different companies. I found that the training material offered by the 9000 Store just right for getting my current company started on our way to ISO certification. The material is very informative and yet easy to follow. I have also taken advantage of all the free material offered at the Store. The staff at the 9000 Store are always friendly and willing to answer all your questions. I recommend the 9000 Store to anyone seeking ISO information and material

JoAnn Wood
Acro Associates, CA

Hello Joe, Happy New Year 2009!!

The products have worked tremendously for us, and I really appreciate the support.

Ryerson Canada
Brampton, ON

Yes. I would recommend them using your system. Let me know what you would like me to do. You can forward my email or phone number if you wish.

Gloria Toone
Administration Manager

I bought this package last year and have found it invaluable.

What you get is the template for absolutely everything you could possibly need for implementing ISO9001. Firstly you get a stage by stage plan of how you implement everything because how would you know where to start !!!??. You get all the procedures which you amend to suit your business practices and any news ones you implement which are unique to your business can follow the same format with a little bit of number changing. You get all the forms you need. The Quality Manual is one of the most useful documents because again, unless you have actually put one of these together before how would you know where to start ! You also get all sorts of things which help to educate the staff in the company such as newsletters to tell them what stage you are at and presentations which I actually used with a few modifications in front of the whole company. Once you start looking through everything—and believe me I have spent a lot of time looking at all the documentation-you realise that this company have thought of everything. The only thing you need to buy is the Standard itself.


Hi Joe,

That is Perfect-it look great- very pleased with it!!!

Can I please take this opportunity to thank you very much for al your help and quick responses. You have been very helpful so thank you.

Amie Prinsloo
Senior Operations Officer,
Queensland, AU

I actually used your package to implement a full system in about 2003 for a company I worked with at the time. I have since left and wanted a set of the templates for myself for another project.


I am very thankful for you help and responses. I am glad to say if it happens that you can visit Egypt, you will be most welcomed to visit our company in Cairo.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Mina Safwat
QHSE Engineer
Thyssen Krupp
Xervon, Egypt

I purchased your small business package for 9001:2000 in late 2007 for our company and it has been a very useful tool.

Malcolm Cunningham
JTS Manufacturing Ltd

I think the 9000store.com is one of the best most informative sites on the we. I use the web much like I used our family’s encyclopedia when I was young. When I find a site that is as good as yours I bookmark it!

Linda M
Ellington, CT