Getting First Article Inspection right under updated AS9102B

So, What Is Production Process Verification?

In the AS&D industry, when a new or revised part is produced for the first time, it must be verified to ensure all requirements have been met. Many organizations meet this requirement by complying with the AS9102B First Article Inspection (FAI) standard (sometimes referred to as production process verification).

FAI involves selecting one part from the first batch/lot produced and verifying that it meets customers’ requirements regarding the production processes being (or to be) used, documentation and tooling.

Resources for AS9102B (First Article Inspection) Compliance:The production part verification process has been updated recently to include advances like verification against digital specifications like multi-dimensional computer assisted drawing (CAD) files in the AS9102B update. Read more

Complying with All Requirements of the new AS9100D Revision


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This AS9100D standard defines the quality system requirements and offers additional comprehensive requirements/criteria for overhaul facilities and the maintenance repair for the aircraft industry at all levels of the MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) process. The best way to comply with it is to look at its key requirements which include Read more