About Standards Stores

Why Standards Stores is the Premier Provider of Standards Products

The Standards Stores is a team of experts who know what it takes to implement a Management System in your organization, and what it takes to drive continual improvement. Unlike some websites, we didn’t just take old items we had laying around from a previous client and sell them. Our products were designed as efficient templates covering the COMPLETE requirements in a SIMPLIFIED format for easy implementation that is guaranteed to pass the audit. Read our testimonials for proof.

The Standards Stores have developed these products using the knowledge and experience gained by implementing, documenting and auditing Management Systems for more than 20 years. Our experience also includes active membership on the US TAG to TC 176, Lead Assessor credentials, and extensive management experience. We have provided our products to countries and industries around the world since 2001. We are your one source, your right stop for achieving management system certification. We provide all the implementation tools and training you need for acceptance to global standards. Pick your standard. We provide affordable, effective, easy-to-use tools and training. We offer the premier solution to achieve your certification goals because we use proven techniques that are tailored to your specific industry.

Our products are designed to work together so if you need to implement more than one standard you can easily integrate them now or down the road. They can be used as building blocks to build your integrated standard management system. We have helped thousands of companies just like yours achieve certification to one or more standards. We stand by our products, and offer a Money Back Guarantee.  We don’t sell or share your information with others, and you can view our full Privacy Policy here.

Management Systems and Productivity experts who contribute to the Standards Stores:

Joe Pfankuch

President, Standards Stores

Joe Pfankuch is President of the Standards Stores and coordinates the activities of the team. A Certified Lead Auditor with a BSME/IE he has been in Manufacturing and distribution for 20+ years.

Cynthia Weber

President, Vinca, LLC

Cynthia Weber is president of Vinca, LLC, is a Certified ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 Lead Assessor performing Certification Audits Nationwide and is a Registered SQF Trainer and Consultant, an EQIPT Qualified Packaging Auditor, a Lead Instructor for the FSMA, and has a B.S. in Microbiology. Cynthia has been registered by IRCA as an ISO 9001 Lead Assessor, participated on the US TAG to TC 17, and has led numerous quality systems implementation projects in the food industry as well as other industries. Cynthia has designed ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, SQF and ISO 9001 Training and Documentation tools which have been used worldwide since 2001.

Paul Fray

President, ISO Quality Consulting

Paul Fray is President of ISO Quality Consulting, with more than thirty years of experience in high tech commercial, F.D.A., Military and service organizations. He has implemented Management System Standards at many companies and is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and an ISO Certified Auditor.

Kris Norlander

President, K&S Quality Associates LLC

Kris Norlander is President of K&S Quality Associates LLC, a certified Quality Auditor for ISO 17025, AS9100, and AS9120 Quality Management System certification. K&S also leads projects in environmental management with ISO 14001, R2, RIOS, and e-Stewards certifications.

Scott Weyburn

Principal Consultant at APEX/SE Weyburn LLC/AQS-DEKRA

Scott Weyburn has more than 35 years’ experience in quality, operations, leadership, and management.  His primary experiences are most pertinent to ISO 9001, AS9100 and AS9110 working in the military defense business, high tech, metals fabrication industries and nutraceuticals.  He has conducted 350+ 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party audits in his career and has trained over 4000 auditors and business leaders to various QMS requirements. 
Scott is a currently the U.S Expert of WG 27 for the revision of ISO 10012 Measurement Management Systems, a voting member of the TAG to TC 176, the international organization that reviews and updates the ISO standard and a previous associate member of the working group responsible for US interpretations of the ISO 9001 standard. He served for over 4 years on Exemplar Global’s Accreditation and Certification Board and served as the Sub-Committee Chair for auditor competency for Exemplar Global (previously RAB).

Lorne Duquette

Lorne Duquette has completed over 30 global management systems implementation assignments with CESO as part of his career in manufacturing and Quality Assurance roles across several industries. He has experience in ISO 17025, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22005, and Integration of Standards.

Todd Lieske

Todd Lieske has worked as a Quality Technician, a Quality Manager and a Calibration Supervisor for ISO 9001 certified manufacturers. He has over 20+ years working in the calibration industry and is currently the Technical Manager for an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab. He has performed consulting and auditing for companies either seeking ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation or needing to update to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. He has received the ASQ CQT (Certified Quality Technician) and CCT (Certified Calibration Technician) certifications.

James Mourafetis

James Mourafetis worked for GM, Ford, PCA, and international consulting firms before starting James Group, LLC. He is certified for Omnex, Plexus, and others. He has implemented projects globally including a significant amount of experience in Asia. He was a TS 16949 Supplier Auditor and a Certified Core Tools Trainer, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, ASQ (CQM), and more.

Larry Whittington

President, Whittington & Associates, LLC

Larry Whittington is President of Whittington & Associates, LLC, providing systems engineering, software development, quality auditing, and project leadership. Larry is an IRCA certified Principal QMS Auditor and Exemplar Global certified Lead QMS Auditor. Larry is also an ASQ (CQA) and ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer.

Myriam Ochart

President, O-CHART Management Consultants

Myriam Ochart is President of O-CHART Management Consultants; has experience in manufacturing, transaction and service industries. Myriam is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence. She is the ASQ Regional Deputy Director, a member of the ASQ Voice of the Customer Corporate Committee, an ASQ International Team Excellence Award certified juror.

Jack Slovick

President, Methodize Inc.

Jack Slovick is President of Methodize Inc., is a consulting and contracting firm for safety, efficacy and performance issues in Medical Devices like ISO 13485, CE Marking, etc.

Stan Magee

President, Software Engineering Process Technology Company

Stan Magee is President of Software Engineering Process Technology Company, with 40+ years experience and is considered an expert in software lifecycle methodology. He was active on many governmental, educational and professional boards, and was one of the principal US delegates in the development of ISO/IEC 12207.

Evan St. Germain

Evan St. Germain led his company to ISO 13485 registration as Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. He specializes in Quality Compliance Software and integrating QMS documentation, especially for regulatory affairs or quality management.

Stan Maughan

Pillar Management Associates Training Team

Stan Maughan of Pillar Management Associates Training Team is Qualified as an instructor of  Exemplar Global-Certified courses and Audit experience since the early 1990’s. He’s an Instructor of QMS, EMS, OHSAS, AS, and 16949 courses. Previous Co-owner of an ANSI-RAB Accredited provider of QMS and EMS courses. 9001 Certified Lead Auditor Course, Internal Auditing Course, Documentation Course, Implementation Course, 14001 Internal Auditor Course. Involved in 9001, 16949, 14001, OHSAS 18001, and course development and/or revisions; evaluator of all new and revised course materials. Delivered 9001, 16949, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and AS9100 courses, and a large body of knowledge of International Management System Standards. Stan received Exemplar Global Certification QMS Lead Auditor with emphasis on IATF 16949, and Certified in IATF 16949:2016 with Core Tools, Internal Auditor Training.