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What's included with our Technical Support?

Our products have been proven over 10 years – longer than anyone else – and have helped companies around the world become certified. We don’t flood our packages with unnecessary forms and other “fluff” to make them look complete. Ours ARE complete, and get the job done.

Although our products are easy to use, we still offer World Class Support for Your Project – for FREE!​ Experienced ISO professionals are available to assist by explaining:

  • How our products apply to the requirements in the standard(s)
  • How the requirements of the Standard(s) apply to your organization
  • Steps to successfully implement the standard(s)
  • How to select training for your organization

We can also find you a consultant to perform services like:

  • Setting up your project
  • Performing a Gap Analysis
  • Training your organization
  • Reviewing your documentation
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Selecting and/or interviewing a Registrar

You can email us below or contact our professional phone support at 1-877-942-6572. 

Thank you for choosing Standards Stores!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of F.A.Q.s, or you can submit a support ticket below.

Product Purchase

I just completed a purchase but I didn't receive my download; where is my product?

Since your product is accessed from a link sent to the email address you provided in your order, sometimes that email may end up in your Spam email box; so please check your Spam or Junk mail account. Another reason may be due to the security measures in place to protect our customers, and such, sometimes purchases need additional information to complete the order process and we may request from you the verification code from your credit card purchase to complete the process.

How do I place an order online through your website?

Once you select Buy Now/Order Now button, you’ll be taken to our shopping cart. From there you can select the blue rectangle “Continue To Secure Checkout”. We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. Complete the order by entering your information and payment method. You will receive your link to your documents within moments of successfully completing your order. You also have the option of placing your order over the phone by calling 877-942-6572 Ext. 1.

How do we purchase products with a Purchase Order?

You can submit the P.O. online here.  Or, email your P.O. along with your company name, address, phone number, name and email address of the person receiving the products, with the name and email of person responsible for the invoice, to; along with the list of products you wish to purchase. Customer Service will reply back to your purchase order request. 

How do I request a quote?

Email your request along with your company name, address, phone number, name and email address of the person receiving the quote, with the name and email information of the person responsible for the invoice, to; along with the list of products you wish to purchase. Customer Service will reply back to your quote request.

Can I purchase a hard copy of my product?

We try to do our part in being environmentally friendly, so we do not provide a paper copy of your documents, but we do provide you the option to purchase your products on a Jump Drive. In our shopping cart area, there is a blue button “Need A Backup?” and if you select that button it gives you the option to purchase a Jump Drive.

The product download link expired. Can I get a new link sent to me?

Yes, contact along with the Order ID number, or the name the order was placed under, along with the email address the link should be sent to and we will send you a new link.

I purchased the wrong product, how do I get my items edited on my order?

Call us at 877-942-6572 Ext. 1. Please have the Order ID and if the new item’s price is more, you will need to provide a payment method for the difference.

If I purchased the wrong product, do you offer a refund?

We are confident in the quality and value of our products. Thousands of customers around the world have been successfully using these tools to implement their system. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try our products. If you find that they are not what you had hoped they would be, let us know within 15 days of your purchase and we will give you your money back. We only ask that you review our website, product content, samples, and contact us with any product questions prior to placing your order, to help ensure what you are purchasing is right for you.

The product I want to purchase lists an item as Coming Soon. Are those items included in the purchase price and when will they be available?

If an item in the package you purchased is listed as Coming Soon, that item is included in the cost of the package and once the item is completed, we will send you the updated item.

Where can I buy a Standard?

All of our websites give you options of where to buy a standard. You can also contact us at and we will email you a list.

What Standards do you support?

We support several standards, including:

  • AS9100
  • AS9110
  • AS9120
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001
  • IATF 16949
  • ISO/IEC 17025
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 50001
  • Integrated Standards


When I login to my Online Employee Training account I notice I'm out of courses available to my employees, how do I order more?

Go to the Standards Stores website of the standard training course you would like to order, search Online Employee Training and select the product you would like to order; or call us at 877-942-6572 Ext. 1 and we’ll be happy to assist you with placing the order.

I cannot find my Online Training login user name and password, where can I get this information?

Contact us at along with the company name, the administrator name, or the email address used for the Online Training Admin account. Your login information will be emailed to you.

I am looking for training courses, where can I find a list of courses?
You can find a complete list of training courses here:

Standards Training Courses

I saw a course on, where can I get more information on the course?

Review available courses here:

Select the course of interest, which will give you more detailed information. If you still have questions, contact us at along with the course name, date, the provider, and what information you are requesting and we will provide that information to you.

Website Issue

I encountered an issue on your website.

If you have any issues with the website, please email a description of the issue and the page the issue is on to so we can assist you and repair the issue.

Product Selection

I'm not sure which product would be best for our company. How do I know what item to select?

Provide detailed information regarding your business and what you are hoping to achieve to and Joe will get back to you with his recommendations.

I purchased one of your products and I have questions on how to apply it to our company?

Call 877-942-6572 Ext. 2 for technical support, or send an email to, listing the item you purchased and any questions you have regarding apply the requirements to your organization.

Becoming a Partner

How can we become Partners of Standards Stores and be listed on your websites?

List the type of partnership you are interested in with Standards Stores: Training, Registrar, Consultant, or Software. Send your interest along with your company information to and Joe will reply back to you.

Get in Touch:  Submit a support ticket