How to Order

..How do I place my order?

How do I receive my product?

Once your order is approved, you will receive a link to download your product directly to your PC. You can either download at that time or forward that email to the appropriate person for downloading. If your download is interrupted, contact us for another link. All material is electronic – you will not receive any paper materials. However, if you wish, you can request a flash drive with the materials you ordered.

  • All files are zipped for easy downloading. All products are one of these file types:
    • Templates are in MS Word or MS Excel for easy editing.
    • Presentations and Guides are in MS PowerPoint or pdf.
    • How to unzip your files: Download the free ZIP program – 7-Zip.
    • Online training is conducted via the web, and you will receive email instructions.
    • Downloadable training (.EXE file) can be saved like any other file to your desktop.

Do I need to order a backup?

  • Backup Flash Drive is available, but you don’t need one. Learn why…

License Agreement

  • Standards-Stores licenses the Software to you for your use only, please read our software agreement for details.