Audit Day Table

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) provides requirements and guidelines to certification bodies on the time required to audit clients. In order for a certification body to maintain accreditation, they must conform to these requirements. The intention of these requirements and guidelines is to ensure consistency among certification bodies and that the proper amount of time is dedicated for an effective audit. The table below represents one of those guidelines provided by IAF to be used for calculating audit time.

The number of employees indicated in the Audit Day Table consists of all full-time personnel within the scope of the certification, including those working on each shift. Non-permanent (seasonal, temporary, and contracted personnel) and part-time personnel who will be present at the time of the audit are included in these numbers.

Audit time cannot be calculated based on the number of employees alone. This table should be adjusted as needed. Other factors must be considered when calculating audit time such as nature, complexity, and risk associated with the organization being audited. Every certification body will have their own process for determining audit time, but will need to account for these factors based on IAF guidelines. Keep in mind, that audit time may differ across the initial, surveillance and re-certification audits.

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